Beckett FuelArmor™ is a heating oil treatment that reduces the need for unscheduled heating service calls. FuelArmor™ works by stabilizing heating oil chemistry and preventing fuel oxidation, corrosion and sludge build-up. Better fuel performance means less heating service calls are necessary, and that makes your customers happy.

Beckett FuelArmor™ has a proven track record in a wide variety of applications including the oil heating industry, where oil dealers have experienced outstanding results in stabilizing fuel, dispersing sludge and reducing service costs.

Protect your customers fuel heating system in less than 1 minute per year. It's never been easier!

What YOU do:
What FuelArmor™ does:
The technician simply pours one 8oz. container of BeckettFuelArmor™ into the customers fuel tank.
FuelArmor™ treatment stabilizes the fuel during extended storage periods and restores dependable operation to the backup systems.
This is only necessary once a year. Beckett suggests that this be done during the annual service call.  
The May - July time frame is recommended.
Reduces service calls. 
Extends fuel storage time.
Increases oil heating efficiency. 
Keeps burner heating oil cleaner.
Keeps heating system components  cleaner.
FuelArmor™ will do the rest.
Treatment with FuelArmor™ keeps the oil stable and in “refinery-fresh” condition.  Service calls are dramatically reduced.

Please contact us for more information about how Beckett FuelArmor™  can improve fuel performance.

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Beckett FuelArmor™ is a registered trademark of R.W. Beckett Corporation and is supplied by Fuel Management Services of Jeffersonton, Virginia.